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Spring School Holiday Program

Looking for an adventure these school holidays? Check out our range of video tutorials and activities, and discover something for everyone to enjoy.

An Unexpected Adventure

Enjoy wonderful tales of unexpected adventures, and take inspiration from the stories to create, print and explore.


Possum Magic

Enjoy some fun activities based on Possum Magic by Mem Fox. Take a trip around the lamington plate, like Hush and Granma Poss, or make a magical drawing with the power of invisibility. 


Code Your Own Adventure

Learn to create your own scenes and characters, and then send them on an adventure as you learn to code with ScratchJr.

• Watch the video here
• See the instructions here


Totally Tubular Jungle Adventures

Enjoy a special school holiday Story Time with 'Who Woke the Baby', by Jane Clark. Then make your own jungle with an elephant, snake and monkey from everyday items you're likely to have around the house.

Book details: 'Who Woke the Baby', by Jane Clark, illustrated by Charles Fuge, published by Nosy Crow.


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Do you love the story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen? Enjoy our special stop motion animation tribute, and then have fun with the extra activities inspired by this classic tale.


Friendship Puzzle Bracelets

Make your own puzzle piece bracelets that fit together just like pieces of a jigsaw! Each piece is unique but when joined together they make something beautiful. Send pieces of the puzzle to your friends so they can make their own bracelet that interlocks with yours.


Cooking Adventures

Travel the world without leaving home on a cooking adventure. Design your very own recipe journal with recycled materials, and fill it with tasty, traditional recipes from around the world.


Boredom Busters

Looking for some fun activities to do this school holidays? Learn how to make a colourful balloon bowl, play a wild and whacky drawing game or go on a scavenger hunt nature walk.

National Science Week @ Home

Join us for some fun, hands on science activities to help keep the kids entertained. You can learn why sharks float or how to clean up an oil spill, or make your very own exploding volcano or wave in a bottle - and more! Explore the activities below by clicking on the titles. These activities can all be done at your own pace and at a time that suits your family. 

Ocean Science
Learn all about Ocean Science at home with this series of hands-on experiments for little fingers. Find out about the best way to clean up an oil spill, why sharks float and how penguins stay warm and dry.


Wind and Wave Power
Get interested in alternative energy sources with these interactive science activities. Water and wind are both powerful forces in nature. Find out how to harness the power of wind and witness the ocean in action with your very own wave in a bottle.


What's With Blubber?
Ever wondered why whales, seals and other animals don't get cold while swimming? Welcome to the wonderfully wobbly world of blubber! Explore the wondrous way blubber can help keep you warm by creating your very own blubber glove! Challenge yourself and your family to see how long you can stay submerged.


Exploding Volcano!
Hold onto your hats, this thing is about to blow! Creating a chemical reaction in your kitchen is easier than you think. Make an exploding volcano using a few easy to find ingredients. Are you brave enough to take the challenge?

Winter School Holiday Program

Discover Vikings, dragons, mythical creatures and more these school holidays, and keep the kids entertained with a range of fun and engaging activities. Follow the links below to access these great online activities. 

Make your own pom-pom creature 
Learn how to make fluffy pom-poms and turn them into your own mythical creatures. Ages 5+


Mythbusters Quiz 
Challenge your family and friends, and test your own knowledge of myths, legends and fables in our Myth-busting Quiz. Take the quiz, do the colouring sheet and a word search and check out out the reading list! Ages 5+


Tame Your Dragon
Put on your armour, gather your shield and train your dragon! But first you’ll have to find one. In this activity you can make your own fire-breathing dragon and shield out of recycled materials. Age 8+


Mythical Mashup 
Learn to make your own mythical hybrid beast by combining parts of real and imaginary animals, just like those found in many ancient artefacts. Ages 8+


All Things Vikings! 
Use recycled cardboard to make your own Viking armour and then test your knowledge with our Vikings quiz. All ages.


Cultural Connections 
Enjoy wondrous tales of other places and other cultures from Story Box Library, and relive the delight by creating your own keepsakes from your favourite stories, including a cardboard car, wind charm, paper plate mask and a story scroll! All ages.



Preschool Science @ Home

Introducing ‘Preschool Science Club @ Home’! This self-paced video series aims to guide you you and your child through an exploration of scientific enquiry methods together, using everyday objects found in your home. Explore collecting, measuring and experimenting as we guide you through each topic with activities to complete and prompts that will nurture your budding little scientist. Appropriate for children aged 3-5 years. Watch the videos in order below, or you can  see all the videos on our YouTube playlist.

LEGO® Club @ Home

The program is designed to be delivered as a weekly LEGO® challenge. Each video set’s a new challenge for the week and encourages participants to create their own masterpieces.

Watch the videos in order below, or you can  see all the videos on our YouTube playlist.