Printing & scanning

Each of our 19 library locations offers photocopiers, printers and scanners for your use. You can reproduce either your own materials or library materials but please consider copyright when making copies. Our team can assist and direct you to information about copyright and the laws applying to reproduction of materials. As a general rule, there are no copyright issues if you’re reproducing for your own study or research purposes. If in doubt, please ask. Fees apply for printing and copying.

Wireless printing

Select libraries now allow you to print from your own devices. Print from home, from your tablet, or from your smart phone and pick it up from the library at your convenience.

Please note:

  • print jobs only stay in the system for 24 hours, and are then deleted permanently after that if not printed. 
  • if you do not have your 4-digit Princh code the print job cannot be released.


Upload your document

Choose which library you want to collect your printing from and click the link below. 

Upload your documents, accept the terms and conditions, and select how you will pay. Please remember the 4-digit code as we are unable to print your document without it. 


Collect your printing

The print job you've sent will only be available at the library you've selected for 24 hours. When you arrive, go to the print release kioks and select your print job. See our library staff if you need any assistance. If you do not have your code with you you will have to resend the print job. 


Photocopying and PC printing fees

A4 page (B&W) $0.30
A3 page (B&W) $0.60
A4 page (Colour) $1.00
A3 page (Colour) $2.00

Note: Double-sided printing is charged for each side of the page printed.



We have document scanners in all 19 libraries with capability to scan to printer or email.

Belmont, Ocean Grove, and Corio libraries have a dedicated document scanner with a 50-sheet feed tray and can scan to USB, email, or cloud options as well as print.

Scanning is free of charge.


Saving to a USB stick

Save the environment, save money and save time. If the information you need is online or in electronic format, you may be able to save a digital version on a USB stick or flash drive.  Didn’t bring one along with you? Ask our team. USB sticks (8GB) are available for purchase at $10 each.

3D Printing

At Geelong Regional Libraries we offer 3D Printing across 5 of our network locations free of charge. To find out more click here.

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