How to raise a reader

Our best tip for raising a young reader who will love books and literacy is to have fun together.  It’s a natural activity that everyone can enjoy.  The early years are critical for developing a lifelong passion for books and reading.  It’s never too early to start!

  • Read to your baby every day
  • Sing to your baby and make language come alive
  • Use nursery rhymes
  • Visit the library and borrow books to share at home
  • Choose books with colourful pictures and simple words
  • Read with expression … or just tell the story in your own words
  • Hold the book so baby can see the pictures clearly
  • Point things out in pictures and talk to your baby about them
  • Reread favourite books over and over again
  • Set aside a special time each day to read for as long as your baby is enjoying it
  • Remember: you can read anytime, anywhere

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