Specialist collections at the library

Our specialist collections group together favourite genres, sub-genres, themes and authors. They can help you to focus your reading pursuits or drill down into comparative literature.

Our specialist collections are continually evolving and include:

Australian Literature – award-winning and short-listed adult fiction titles by Australian authors.

Contemporary Classics – award-winning adult fiction published after World War I, plus other well-known titles described as modern classics.

Classic Literature – adult fiction defined as a work of literary merit that has stood the test of time and is published prior to World War I.

Local Authors – published authors who identify with Geelong, Queenscliff, the Surf Coast or Golden Plains Shire. The collection includes new and established writers, where work is considered to have literary merit and contributes to the literary landscape of the region. Our intention is to build this collection over time beginning with creative literature in the form of fiction, poetry and plays.

Indigenous Culture – adult non-fiction material relating to the cultural aspects of Australia’s Indigenous people with a focus on the Geelong region where possible.

Treasures – a collection of items that may be rare, beautiful, historically significant, unusual or quirky gems from the old Geelong Library collection.

Arts & Literature – the adult non-fiction section at the Geelong Library & Heritage Centre is the largest collection in the library network, housing an extensive collection that focuses on arts and culture.

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