A photo of all staff standing out the front of the Dome

Our specialist staff

Our library service, incorporating 19 libraries and 3 mobile libraries, is staffed by a dedicated team of library professionals.

In addition to a highly-skilled team of Branch Librarians and branch staff, we have Children’s and Youth Services Librarians, Information Services Librarians and Heritage Centre specialist staff. 

Our children’s and youth specialists are highly trained to deliver a dedicated program which meets the needs of children and young people. This enthusiastic and innovative team offers a diverse range of dynamic programs to support reading and literacy for babies through to young adults.

Our skilled team of Information Services Librarians help library visitors to engage with current and emerging technology and assist to provide access to information services and resources. From tips for using your iPad, to 3D printing and scanning through to having fun with a green screen, Information Services Librarians can help you make the most of the technology the library has to offer.

On level three of Geelong Library & Heritage Centre, you will find a team of specialist staff with expertise in researching the history of Geelong and surrounding areas. The Heritage collection includes over 1 million items, and our team will help you find what you are looking for, whether it’s an image, map, rate book or any other item in our collection. Heritage Centre specialist staff can also guide you on researching a local place or person.


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