We are proposing changes to the opening hours of some of our libraries and we want you to have your say.

The proposed opening hours are based on community feedback provided via the bi-annual Library Survey, substantial data showing how and when people use their libraries, and the goals stated in our Library Plan (2017-2021).

Quick links

  • You can find the detailed proposed opening hours here.
  • After reading the proposed opening hours and understanding the reasons for change below, please fill out the online survey here.
  • See a list of Frequently Asked Questions (as at 14 February) here.


Every four years, the Geelong Regional Library Corporation creates a Library Plan including a vision, mission, goals and values to help guide us as we move ahead. One of our values is ‘Equity and Access’; promoting and delivering free, accessible and universal access to information, ideas, the Internet and works of the imagination.  

A review of opening hours across the network was a key action of the Library Plan (2017-2020). The review was carried out in late 2019 and included an analysis of opening hours, community feedback and library usage statistics. 

The purpose of the review was to make sure that opening hours are allocated equitably across the library network and where they provide the most community benefit.

Why make changes?

The review resulted in a proposal to change opening hours for some of our branches.

In this proposal, we are focussing on using our efforts to specifically respond to areas where there is less access to technology and free resources.

Please note that there are currently no proposals to change opening hours for our mobile libraries or our branches at Bannockburn, Torquay, Queenscliff or Western Heights.

What are the key recommendations?

  • 11 of our 17 branches will open their doors earlier
  • 2 x branches will open on days they are currently closed
  • 6 x branches will be open for more hours per week.

You can find the detailed proposed opening hours here.

The community consultation process

Your feedback on the opening hours proposal will inform our decision about what changes to implement.

Community consultation is open from 20 January - 29 February 2020.

Mid-consultation update

We have created a 'Frequently Asked Questions' document to provide answers to some of the most common questions about the process that we have received through the survey and from feedback to our branches. This document is correct as at 14 February 2020.

Can my feedback make a difference?

Yes. Your suggestions will inform our decision about what specific arrangements need to be made for each branch. They will be taken into consideration alongside the fact that the final proposal must:

  • Be budget-neutral (no increase in operational costs),
  • Address equity and access to library services, and
  • Standardise opening and closing hours across the library network.

Have your say today

You can have your say via the online survey. Print surveys are available on request from your local library branch.

What happens next?




 20 January - 29 February 2020

 Community consultation and engagement

 March 2020

 Geelong Regional Libraries will review feedback and update proposal

 April 2020

 Summary of engagement results shared with community

 April 2020

 Geelong Regional Library Board considers updated proposal

 May 2020

 Proposal presented to City of Greater Geelong Council for adoption and community informed

 Post-July 2020

 Changes implemented