STEAM programs for young learners

The library is committed to promoting lifelong learning, discovery and exploration.  Our STEAM programs fit within the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and the Arts, and they are created to engage young people through the experience of learning.

STEAM programs are designed to foster social intelligence and creative thinking by opening up the endless possibilities of physical play.  Children are encouraged to collaborate and be creative in solving open-ended challenges.  In the process young people develop valuable skills such as teamwork, time management, problem solving, and communication.  STEAM concurrently stimulates both the right (creativity) and left (logical thinking, problem solving) sides of the brain while providing foundation skills into the real world of programming and IT.

Our STEAM programs and activities are diverse and always evolving and include:

  • LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robotics
  • basic programming
  • digital stories
  • OSMO
  • Makey Makeys (using everyday objects to take over the functionality of a keyboard)
  • Little Bits electronics
  • Squishy Circuits (basic electronics)

Look for these programs and activities in the What’s on section of this website under All about kids! and Youth programs.

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