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photo of author Gideon Haigh beside his book cover A Momentous, Uneventful Day Author Encounters

*IN-PERSON* Gideon Haigh - The Momentous, Uneventful Day: a requiem for the office


Has COVID-19 ushered in the end of the office? Or is it the office’s final triumph?

For decades, futurologists have prophesied a boundary-less working world, freed from the cramped confines of the office. During the COVID-19 crisis, employees around the globe got a taste of it. Confined by lockdown to their homes, they met, mingled, collaborated, and created electronically.

In The Momentous, Uneventful Day, Gideon Haigh reflects on our ambivalent relationship to office work and office life, how we ended up with the offices we have, how they have reflected our best and worst instincts, and how these might be affected by a world in a time of contagion.


Seats are limited so please book early!

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Author Encounters

*ONLINE* Sarah Krasnostein - The Believer

From the bestselling author of The Trauma Cleaner.

This book is about ghosts and gods and flying saucers and certainty in the absence of knowledge.
From award-winning author Sarah Krasnostein comes an exploration of the power of belief. Weaving together the stories of six extraordinary ordinary people, The Believer looks at the stories we tell ourselves to deal with the distance between the world as it is, and the world as we’d like it to be. How they can stunt us – or save us.

Some of the people you will meet believe in things most people don’t. Ghosts. UFOs. Heaven and the Devil. The literal creation of the universe in six days.

Others believe in things most people would like to. Dying with autonomy. Facing one’s own transgressions with an open heart.

Book now to avoid disappointment.


Thursday, 15 April 2021 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Virtual Event

Author Encounters

*IN-PERSON* Alli Sinclair - The Codebreakers

In-conversation with Heritage Centre Manager, Mark Beasley.

A compelling story about tenacity and friendship, inspired by the real codebreaking women of Australia's top-secret Central Bureau in WWII. An Australian Heritage Festival event.
1943, Brisbane: The war continues to devastate and the battle for the Pacific threatens Australian shores. For Ellie O’Sullivan, helping the war effort means utilising her engineering skills for Qantas as they evacuate civilians and deliver supplies to armed forces overseas. Her exceptional logic and integrity attract the attention of the Central Bureau-an intelligence organisation working with England’s Bletchley Park codebreakers. But joining the Central Bureau means signing a lifetime secrecy contract. Breaking it is treason.  As Ellie struggles with the magnitude of the promise she’s made to her country, a wedge grows between her and those she holds dear. When the man she loves asks questions she’s forbidden to answer, how will she prevent the double life she’s leading from unravelling?

Book now to avoid disappointment.


Thursday, 22 April 2021 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Gathering Place, Geelong Library and Heritage Centre

Author Encounters

*ONLINE* Sue Williams - Elizabeth & Elizabeth

An Australian Heritage Festival event.

Two courageous, tough and influential women, and a friendship that helped shape colonial Australia.
The story of how two women, who should have been bitter foes, combined their courage and wisdom to wield extraordinary power and influence behind the scenes of the fledgling colony.

One was Elizabeth Macquarie, the wife of the new governor Lachlan Macquarie, nudging him towards social reform and magnificent buildings and town planning. The other was Elizabeth Macarthur, the wife of John Macarthur, a dangerous enemy of the establishment, who is herself credited with creating Australia's wool industry.

Moving in the same social circles and embroiled in the same politics, gradually the two women found common ground and supported each other through the difficulties of colonial life.

Book now to avoid disappointment.


Wednesday, 28 April 2021 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Virtual Event