Level 2

Inspiration space, Nyaal (Open your eyes)
Large print and audiobooks, magazines, multimedia, non-fiction, specialist non-fiction collections, meeting and discussion rooms

The open-plan second floor houses the library's print and digital collection for adults, presented on bespoke shelving units. A series of meeting rooms along the northern wall contain graphic wallpaper featuring a digitally altered reproduction of Eugene von Guerard's 1856 work, View of Geelong. The western meeting room has a single hexagonal window on the northern wall revealing a view of contemporary Geelong. There are a variety of seating options with distinct geometric forms.


  • Large print and audio books, magazines, multimedia, non-fiction
  • Specialist non-fiction collections
  • Technology including onscreen magnifiers, text to speech readers, multimedia-enabled discussion rooms and meeting room with conferencing facilities
  • PCs and iMacs


Geelong Library and Heritage Centre - Level 2 map

Meeting room
Discussion rooms

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