We are excited to announce our creative arts workshop series has extended its offer to July 2022.

Bookings are now open for our winter workshops!

Talented local artists will lead you through a creative process to capture your lived experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Creative Collective Memory Arts Project is a chance for us to come together and reconnect, to create, celebrate, reflect, and to honour our unique stories and experiences while building a memory bank for future generations.

Whatever your interest, we have a range of workshops in selected library branches (Bannockburn, Colac, Corio, Leopold, and Geelong Library and Heritage Centre) during June and July.

** Please note: We have photographers coming to each workshop for a short visit so we can capture the artmaking in process!

The Creative Collective Memory Arts project is funded through the Libraries for Health and Wellbeing Program; an initiative of State Library Victoria (for the Library Board of Victoria) and Public Libraries Victoria under the banner of the Statewide Public Library Development Projects 2020 – 2023.

Celebrate the everyday through sketches with Liz McGrath at Leopold Library

Saturday 4 June, 10:00am-12:30pm

Join Liz and explore the basics of sketching with ink and watercolour to create a memory of your COVID-19 experience.

Liz will share the techniques she uses in her practice of everyday sketching, inviting participants to making drawings that celebrate simple objects, scenes, and moments from everyday life. Liz McGrath is a local artist, illustrator and teacher who works on programs and projects through the Geelong region.

Since early 2020 Liz has created an observational sketch from life every day as part of her @everydaylizmc project, sharing them on Instagram as an expression of gratitude.

A selection of these sketches was acquired by the Melbourne Museum and is included in their permanent collection as an insight into one family’s experience of the pandemic.

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Remix, rethink mixed media with Samantha Thompson at Geelong Library & Heritage Centre

Saturday 11 June, 11:00am-3:00pm

Join contemporary artist, Samantha Thompson and explore painting, collage, ink, and basic printmaking.

Bring your own dried flowers and other found objects to inspire and enhance your creation.

With a focus on community spirit and resilience, artist Samantha Thompson will teach a variety of mixed media techniques from new and recycled elements.

Samantha is a professional multidisciplinary contemporary artist and arts worker based in regional Victoria. Her work represents her passion for family and community, feminism and her connection to her surrounds. Growing up in the family fashion business exposed her to a myriad of business and creative opportunities from an early age. This included representing a fashion label overseas and developing product shoots and international product campaigns. These early experiences helped Samantha to run and manage her own art career, which has spanned over 20 years and includes 13 solo exhibitions and numerous Australian and International Exhibitions and Art Fairs.

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Painting COVID-19 Memory Maps with Vic Downey at Corio LIbrary

Thursday 23 June, 4:30pm-7:30pm

Join artist Vic Downey for a collective art-making workshop. Using multi-layering techniques; record and paint memories of your COVID-19 experience

In this workshop, Vic will guide you to record and paint your experience and memories of the pandemic. Your individual piece will then be used to inspire a large group canvas that acts as a visual map, linking the group in a safe and connected collective artmaking process.

Vic Downey is best known for her colourful and eclectic paintings which convey her deep connection with plants, place, and people. Vic uses a combination of acrylic, watercolour, pen, and ink to build her artworks over multiple layers in a technique she has developed to convey a sense of depth and deeper meaning
within the work.

Vic is passionate about the role of art as a healing modality and uses creativity to connect and create a shared language with those that she works with.

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Creative canvases with Jacklyn Foster at Colac Library

Wednesday 6 July, 2:00pm-5:00pm

Join artist, Jacklyn Foster and give yourself a brain break! Create your own individual piece of art, guided by your own intuition and creativity. Ages 12-25 years. “Creative Canvases” is an intuitive art class.

It's different from your typical demonstration-based art class where everyone recreates the same image.

Jacklyn integrates mindfulness and meditation and then guides you through 3 different sets of tools and materials.

Each person will end up creating their own individual piece and no two works of art will look the same; how incredible is that!

This workshop is all about the journey of creating over the destination and end result. This is an acrylic based workshop.

Jacklyn Foster is an award-winning, intuitive, mixed media abstract artist who creates contemporary, fun and vibrant still life art.

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Random Weaving with Caroline Hawkins at Bannockburn Library

Tuesday 12  July, 10:30am-3:30pm

Share your lived experience of the pandemic through art! Join fibre artist, Caroline Hawkins, as she takes you through a weaving technique known as "random weave".

During this workshop, sculptural fibre artist Caroline Hawkins will guide you through a weaving technique that allows creative expression to evolve as you create order from chaos.

Caroline Hawkins work encompasses wrapped textiles and structural weaving techniques to create organic sculptural forms which borrow from methods used by basket weavers.

A key feature of Caroline’s work is plant fibres. The process of gathering and sourcing these fibres provide her with a unique connection to nature, which in turn informs her subject matter, from delicate wrapped native animals and birds to woven sculptural vessels.


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