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Information privacy

The protection of our customers’ privacy is an integral part of the Geelong Regional Library Corporation (GRLC) commitment towards complete accountability and integrity in all its activities and programs.

This statement outlines the privacy practices of the GRLC in relation to visits to our website.

Collection of personal information

GRLC will only collect personal information supplied to this web site when it is necessary to do so for purposes including but not limited to:

1. assist in providing library services requested by a customer such as booking a ticket to attend one of our events or programs.

2. to contact customers to resolve issues relating to GRLC services or programs which are brought to our attention via our website, such as an outstanding item borrowed from our collection.

3. to send material concerning GRLC services or programs to a customer who has supplied personal information to us for this purpose e.g., where they have opted to be included on a mailing list of forthcoming events via our website.

4. To allow on-line financial transactions via an electronic payment system.

Disclosure of personal information

GRLC will take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorised access to or disclosure of personal information.  We will ensure that personal information is not disclosed to other individuals, institutions and authorities outside GRLC except if required or authorised by law or explicitly permitted or requested by the customer.

External organisations to whom personal information is disclosed include GRLC contracted Service Providers who perform various services for and on our behalf.  GRLC discloses personal information to external agencies in the course of investigating and defending of legal claims against GRLC.  These contractors have agreed to be bound by the provisions of the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000.  Information provided to these contractors is limited to details provided by customers whilst contacting GRLC.

Agencies or Councils we may need to forward your contact details to include:

•    City of Greater Geelong

•    Surf Coast Shire

•    Bourough of Queenscliffe

•    Golden Plains Shire

•    Victoria Police

All above mentioned agencies and Councils are subject to privacy legislations.