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New and improved Library Management System

We’ve launched our new library management system and along with it a new catalogue and app! Thanks so much for your patience while our team get their heads around a new – and much improved – system.

A few FAQs have popped up so far, you can find out more below, or of course chat to our friendly staff at your local library.

How do I access to online catalogue from home?
If you have our old catalogue bookmarked it may not work. You will need to head to the new link (https// - please save or bookmark this link.

Where are the eCollections?
The eCollections are now called "Digital Library" and look a little different, but provide access to the same vast library of digital respoures, all free with your membership.

Why isn’t the app working?
Our new app is coming! We are waiting for the app to be approved in App Store and Google Play –stay tuned. 

Where is the new additions list?
The new additions list can be found under ‘discover’ - the team can show you where if you need a hand. 

It says I still have items on loan but I returned them?
If you are looking at your account online, you may still see items showing as being on loan, even though you have returned these items to us during our offline week. Worry not – this will be amended. It will take a while for us to work through all of these returns – our teams processed 21,000 returns in one day alone!

When I use the self checkout I see an expired account notice?
This is usually an old message needing deleting – chat to staff who will be able to help.

About the new system

The new system is more user friendly and intuitive for both customers and our staff. It is now easier and quicker to:

  • Create and link memberships for multiple family members (and keep track of items loaned!)
  • Look up your borrowing history
  • Update your personal details yourself (email address, change PIN)
  • Reserve specific copies of magazines
  • Join online

Our staff across all libraries have been doing intensive training and are excited about this new system.

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