Inter Library Loan Guidelines

1. Requesting an item/s

1.1 Service Access

Requests are facilitated by the LibraryLink Victoria Database which is accessible within the Geelong Regional Library Corporation (GRLC) branches and 24/7 access from home via the GRLC website. Borrowers must be members of GRLC to utilise this service.

1.2 Request Guidelines

Only items not found in the GRLC catalogue may be requested for loan. This includes items with reservation lists. Exceptions are made for items not available with ‘missing, withdrawn, mending or long overdue’ status. Requests are accepted for items already held in the GRLC catalogue which cannot be supplied in the desired format e.g. Large Print, Audio.


All recent publications (previous 2 years) should be requested for purchase here. If the item does not meet GRLC specifications, the inter library loan process will be followed.

1.4 Request limits

The maximum number of requests permitted per card is five.

1.5 Fees and Charges

  • Requests from Victorian public libraries (including State Library Victoria), Deakin University and the Gordon will incur a charge of $5.50 per item.
  • Interstate public libraries will incur a charge of $5.50 plus $10 postage ($15.50 per item).
  • Universities, Special libraries, other State Libraries and the National Library of Australia (NLA) will incur a charge of $16.50 per item plus $10 postage ($26.50 per item).
  • Fiction books in Languages Other Than English (LOTE) are exempt from fees.

1.6 Journal articles

Requests for journal articles should include as much citation detail as possible (i.e. title, author, pagination, issue, volume and year). Journal articles will incur a fee of $16.50.


Consent to charges is required at the time of requesting. Please indicate agreement to the $5.50 charge in the ‘amount willing to pay’ box on the request screen (see screenshot below). If prepared to pay the additional charges for interstate public libraries ($15.50, Universities, Special libraries, other State Libraries including the NLA ($26.50) then those fees should be entered in this box. Every attempt will be made to source an item first from a Victorian Public Library.

1.8 The National Library of Australia and State Library conditions

The NLA and State libraries loan items on the condition the item is not removed from the library premises. Please indicate your acceptance of this condition in the ‘special instructions’ box at the time of requesting.

1.9 Loan periods

Length of loan periods for items is four weeks in accordance with the GRLC Circulation policy.

2. Geelong Regional Library Corporation Responsibilities


GRLC will endeavor to supply requested items promptly by processing requests in accordance with the inter library loan guidelines.

2.2 Supply of items

Supply of items occurs within a 1-6 week period. Borrowers are alerted to the arrival of their request at their specified branch through the GRLC automated notification system in addition to LLV email alerts if applicable.

2.3 Non-supply of items

Borrowers will be notified by email within a 6 week period if an item cannot be supplied. Where email notification is not available, a note will be placed on the borrower’s library card. This information is accessible by staff within branches.

2.4 Response times

GRLC has no control over response times from other library services.

2.5 Lending policies

Lending policies vary between library services. GRLC has no control over lending policies from other library services however this does not preclude GRLC borrowers from requesting items of interest.

3. Borrower Responsibilities

3.1 Fees and Charges

Fees are applied as soon as an item is received. Borrowers are responsible for the charge even if they decide they no longer require the item. Borrowers will be responsible for the charge even if the item is not picked up and subsequently returned to the lending library. The fee appears as a charge on the library card and must be paid before the loan of the item occurs. Borrowers will not be charged for items not supplied.

3.2 Lending conditions

Borrowers must adhere to the conditions of lending from responding libraries if they agree to the conditions at the time of the request.

3.3 Book straps

Borrowers must return book straps with the item.

3.4 Tracking requests

Borrowers can monitor the progress of their requests by logging on to LibraryLink Victoria with their card details and clicking My Requests. Status definitions can be viewed under the Help tab in LibraryLink Victoria.

3.5 Lost/damaged items

Damaged/lost items will incur replacement costs that must be paid by the borrower. The charge appears as a fee on the library card that can be paid at your local branch.


Borrowers who do not follow the inter library loan guidelines appropriately may be prevented from using the service in accordance with GRLC policy.

4. Lending of GRLC Collection


GRLC can lend all areas of the Collection to other libraries, with the exception of Reference material, magazines and non-circulating Local History. If an item is available on-shelf it is deemed available for lending.


Requests for renewal of GRLC items, from other library services, will be accepted provided the item is available with no reservations pending.


GRLC material is lent to other library services for an eight week period, in accordance with inter library loan protocol.