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Social Media

We have a number of various sites you can interact with Geelong Regional Libraries. Click on any of these links to explore what we have to offer.

Social media is a great way to interact with our patrons in a space that they are familiar and comfortable with. It is also a great way to keep abreast of things that are happening in the library world and share them with everyone.

Facebook: allows people to interact, share ideas and favourite images and websites. If you ‘Like’ our page it is a great way to share your love of reading. Our page has a focus on fun content with the occasional reminder of library events and news

Pinterest: The latest social media site to have the web talking, we are currently experimenting with some great ways to share lots of pins, such as new additions, library spaces, and staff picks

Twitter: is a great tool for short little snippets of information. We use our twitter feed to post information about News, Events, and new additions with occasional retweets and and questions to our followers.

Instagram: Is a social media platform that allows users to take photo and share them with their followers. We have an account to share images of activities in our libraries and to take part in photography competitions.  

Flickr: Is a photo sharing website that allows us to upload images of our events and libraries. You can favourite our images and even leave comments. Users of Flickr can add us as a contact to follow our photostream.

Google offers a variety or free web applications as part of having a google account. Here are a few ways we use ours.

Google+: is a simple and easy to use social media site that makes it easy to share to select ‘circles’. We occasionally post images from our Picassa account where appropriate.

Youtube: is a video hosting site that allows user to upload videos they have created. We use Youtube to upload any video footage we record of special events such as author talks, and instructional videos


RSS: this acronym stands for Really Simple Syndication, RSS feeds allow you to subscribe to content on website so you can be alerted any time new content is added. The library website has various RSS feeds you can subscribe to to stay up to date,

Events Feed

News Feed

New Additions Feed


Chilifresh: provides the library with cover art images for the books in our catalogue. It also gives you the ability to rate and review items in our catalogue. You will notice when you look at an item in our catalogue, in the top left corner this text,

Delicious: Is an online bookmarking site. It allows us to highlight interesting, useful and informative websites and share them with you. See our full list here of view some subjects on our website.



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