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Did you know that you can easily log into the library catalogue to check your account? Checking into your account is easy to do and allows you to see,


Did you know that we are creating lists of items added to our catalogue in the previous month. While not all items are new releases - some may be new to our collection and some just extra or replacement items.

Did you receive a new device for Christmas or a birthday like a Smartphone, iPad or Android tablet? The library has a variety of great resources for you to enjoy!

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The library's website creates RSS feeds you can subscribe to.


Did you know that computer game consoles are available at several libraries.


Carter's Publications are Australasia's leading source of comparative prices for antiques, art and collectables..

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Did you know you can add your email to your library account? Adding your email address will allow you to receive notifications via your email when items are ready for pickup or overdue.

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Children can now play and learn on purpose-built computers available in most library branches.

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Over 120 online learning games for 3 to 6 year olds. Kids can quickly and easily access an ever-growing number of fun yet educational activities and games that promise to educate and entertain. 


The Geelong Regional Library Corporation works in partnership with the Geelong Area Multiple Birth Association (GAMBA) to manage a collection devoted to multiple births.

Have you ever wanted to search for articles in The Age newspaper? Using ProQuest News & Newspapers on the library website, you can search on for articles and content dating back years, even decades.

Did you know that you can access free WiFi 24-hours a day at your local library?

Geelong Libraries is now on the social media platform Instagram with the user name:



Many of our eCollections have apps (Applications for smart phones and tablets) associated with them that enhance and allow you to use the service.


You can follow the library on Twitter for news, events, and other important announcements.

If you are new to Twitter this video here is a helpful and simple explanation of Twitter.


Do you need:

  • help researching a topic, for example, family history?
  • help using library apps on your tablet or smartphone?
  • help to set up an email account and learn how to use the Internet?